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At Quattro Autocare we specialize in OBD ECU Remapping, Our Workshop is Based near Selby please feel free to contact us for any details. By Remapping the vehicle ECU we can increase BHP, torque and fuel economy by utilizing our tuning experience and using the latest in tuning technology the driveability of your vehicle will be seriously improved without compromising the vehicles reliability.

How do we do this?

ECU remapping is done 95% of the time through the Diagnostic socket (OBD Port) of the vehicle this way there is no add on components or visible trace of the work being carried out, we use specialist equipment that can read (take a copy of the original stored data) and write (program the new data) on to the EPROM commonly known as a chip inside the ECU. Stored on this chip is data or maps (hence the name ECU remapping) that is used to run the vehicles engine such as fuelling, ignition timing and boost amongst others. When we do ECU remapping we are basically altering these maps to optimize the engine performance. The biggest gains can be seen from turbo diesel and turbo petrol engines please contact us for figures, also other things that can be beneficial from ECU remapping is increased throttle response, improved drivability and a improvement on fuel economy.

Why choose ECU remapping over a diesel tuning box?

ECU remapping is far superior to the diesel tuning boxes we can correctly set up and optimize various setting the ECU controls where as the diesel tuning boxes just trick the ECU in to giving more fuel which can lead to many problems such as excessive black smoke, check engine lights and more.
We can cater for most makes and models including older vehicles that cannot be done through the diagnostic socket where the chip has to be removed often known as chipping or chip tuning method. We can offer custom ECU Remapping and tuning for modified vehicles or for any special request such as speed limiter removal, check engine light fix for vehicles with de-cat pipe we can also offer switchable ECU Remapping for some of the Volkswagen Audi Group Vehicles.
All our work is guaranteed, before and after conducting the ECU Remapping we carry out full diagnostic fault check and carry out data logging to ensure the vehicle is running to its true tuning potential. All our ECU Remapping software is developed in house and tailored to each vehicle.

Prices start from £199 for a no obligation quote or performance figures
please contact us on 01757 249544.

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